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Witnessing the Dawning of a New Era in the Muslim World

This past year, we’ve had the great joy of seeing the Kingdom come in several parts of the Muslim world. In fact, many Frontiers teams are reporting unprecedented moves of God in the communities in which they serve.

You play a vital role in supporting our teams as they follow in the footsteps of Paul, “proclaiming the Kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance” (Acts 28:31). We’re so grateful for your intercession for the ministry of Frontiers, our overseas workers, and our stateside staff as we seek to glorify Jesus—and we look forward to seeing the many blessings your partnership brings in the year ahead!

Your Impact
for the Kingdom

God’s faithfulness is evident in this past year’s accomplishments and Kingdom growth.

Frontiers has record numbers of teams and workers currently on the field. Many Frontiers teams report remarkable Kingdom growth in Muslim communities as workers coach new believers and establish groups rooted firmly in God's Word. In several countries, fellowships of Muslim-background believers are multiplying rapidly.

Frontiers’ mobilization efforts have also expanded as we develop free prayer resources, new regional videos, and field stories. As a result, new church partners are embracing a calling to reach Muslims overseas. Many have sent, or are preparing to send, church-based teams from their own fellowships.

As we close the books on 2016-2017, we are thankful for the growing community of donors and prayer partners who support Frontiers. This past year’s progress is a direct outcome of your faithful partnership. Thank you for advancing the Kingdom by helping train and send new teams to reach Muslims with the hope of Christ.

Workers sent to the field this year



Long-term applicants

144 132

Average workers sent per month

8.3 8.3

Long-term workers on the field (see chart below)

566 610

Team Leaders


New TLs appointed, pre-field/new

13 3

New TLs appointed, on field

12 10

Total New U.S. TLs appointed

25 13



U.S. led teams

119 127

Total Frontiers teams

244 241

Digital Reach

Here’s how far the message of Frontiers has spread and the number of people it has impacted through social media, email, and web.
Interactions with donors and friends on social media, email, and web
8,178 Total interactions
175 Total posts
Total interactions
Total posts
Total interactions
Total posts
53,806 Unique visits
271,829 Total page views
77 Blog posts
62 Total email campaigns sent
316,916 Total number of email opens

Key Regions

This has been a remarkable year for training and sending workers to areas of the Muslim world that are least reached by the Gospel.
Field workers in key regions

Northeast Africa


Team Leaders

5 4

Field Workers

20 20

The Arab Gulf


Team Leaders

9 11

Field Workers

55 60

South Asia


Team Leaders

15 16

Field Workers

76 94



Team Leaders

3 2

Field Workers

19 12

Financial Summary

By God’s grace and with your financial support, we have seen Him do many great and wonderful things this year.



Contributions to Recruit, Train, Send, and Serve (Mission Fund)

2,386,895 2,083,846

Other Income

254,897 640,442

Gifts to Field Workers and Projects

29,260,318 30,521,573

Total Revenue

$31,902,110 $33,245,861



Field Worker Compensation

20,670,985 21,767,175

Ministry Expenses

5,611,351 5,379,866

Field Worker Services

2,307,195 2,436,909

Other Recruit, Train, and Send Expenses

2,612,185 2,190,719

Total Expenses

$31,201,716 $31,774,669



Temporary Restricted Assets

9,919,382 10,836,929

Unrestricted Assets

356,151 1,050,551

Fixed Assets

3,703,389 3,562,634

Total Assets

$13,978,922 $15,450,114

Change in Net Assets


Total Change

$700,394 $1,471,192

Answered Prayers

Last year we invited you to pray with us in several strategic areas. Here’s how we’ve seen the Lord respond.
Prayer Illustration

1. Workers

Frontiers continues to grow in sending, with over 600 long-term workers from the U.S. currently serving overseas. That’s more Frontiers workers on the field than ever before, 42 of whom have been sent this past year to key regions with the greatest number of unengaged peoples. Over 130 new long-term applications were received in 2016-2017, and 116 prospective workers attended Frontiers’ Candidate School for two weeks of pre-field equipping and assessment.

2. Ministry to Refugees

Millions of Muslims have fled their homelands due to war and violence—but there is hope. Frontiers teams are sharing the Word with Muslim refugees, discipling new believers, and coaching them to start Bible studies and fellowships. They’re also providing Bible-based trauma healing, health care, education, skills training, and relief distributions. In several locations, workers report that small movements to Christ are starting to grow rapidly and that unprecedented numbers of refugees are embracing Jesus Christ as Savior!

3. Financial Partnerships

Thank you for praying for new donors to help sustain and advance the ministry of Frontiers. Our donor community continues to grow, enabling Frontiers to equip even more workers to reach Muslims with the Gospel. With prayer at the core of all we do, Frontiers staff gather regularly to pray for our donors by name. We’re encouraged by donors’ testimonies of healing, finding employment, and more.

4. Church Partnerships

The Lord continues to strengthen our church partnerships despite an increasing climate of fear at home and abroad. In 2016-2017, two more churches joined Frontiers’ Church-Based Teams (CBT) partnership to train and send teams from their own congregations. Several more CBT churches are preparing to send families and singles to the field. Thanks to these dynamic partnerships, Frontiers currently has over 100 U.S.-led teams and almost twenty church-based teams on the field.

Pray for the Year Ahead

Join us as we pray for the Kingdom to come to every Muslim people group.


As Frontiers workers are trained to catalyze movements to Christ, unprecedented numbers of Muslims are entering the Kingdom. Ask God to multiply movements to Christ in the least-reached corners of the Muslim world.


Many Frontiers workers face opposition when trying to secure visas—pray for favor with authorities. Ask God to give resilience to those living in difficult contexts. Pray for many more new workers to go and share the hope of Christ in the six strategic regions that have the highest concentrations of Muslim people groups with no Gospel witness.

Church Partnerships

Out of 240+ Frontiers teams in dozens of countries, about half are led by Americans and twenty are church-based teams that have a special partnership with Frontiers. Many more church partnerships and teams are needed to reach the hundreds of Muslim people groups that remain unengaged. Pray for churches to hear the call to establish God’s Kingdom in the Muslim world.

Ministry to Refugees

Ask God to equip Frontiers teams in strategic locations to serve Muslim refugees and internally displaced people. Movements to Christ are already beginning among some groups of refugees—pray that fellowships of new believers would multiply.

Download these requests as a printable prayer card, and pray with us in the year ahead!
Download the Prayer Card

Thank You

Thank you for being a part of our community! Your support has never been more critical in our efforts to bring Christ’s message of hope to those with the least access to it.

Together, we can continue to press into the glorious task of inviting all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus. We look forward to seeing how God will move in the coming year as we pray, “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

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